Black Tor Sunset

The pink light above Black Tor was short lived but I was just in time to make a time-lapse of it.

I’d planned to spend the evening shooting bluebells. One of the problems with being in woodland is that you cant see what the sky is doing and when I walked briefly out of the wood and saw the sky I made an immediate decision to change plans. Running back to the car with the time-lapse rail under my arm I realised I didn’t have time to get to any of the locations I had planned to shoot at sunset. First I tried Leeden Tor, but once up there I found only 1 strong composition and somewhat typically there we no clouds in that portion of the sky. Running back down the hill to Black Tor was my only option.

By the time I reached Black Tor the sky was already starting to light up. The sequence started a little later than I would have liked but at this point it’s still my favourite sunset time-lapse to date. Guy and I had previously agreed that we would only shoot a location twice in exceptional circumstances, I hope this shot falls into that category!

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