Colly Brook Primroses

Primroses on the Colly Brook. Over the years I have got to know the best spots, but this was a new one.

One of the seasonal cues for spring are the flowers that appear on Dartmoor. The best flowers to photograph are the primroses, that come out in late march, and the bluebells which come out in late may. In the past I have photographed the Primroses along a nearby stream (the Colly Brook) many times so I was looking forward to producing the timelapse.

It was pretty awkward getting this timelapse set up due to the confined space I was working in but it worked out in the end. One new technique I tried for the first time here was to pull the focus at the end of the clip to bring the background water and moss into focus. I was very pleased with the result.


  1. Hi; just like to say we have watched your film at the Princetown information centre dozens of times now. We go as often as possible to see it; in over forty years of visiting Dartmoor this is the first work of art that I have seen that truly catches the essence of the place!
    We would love to have a copy of your mesmerising film, are there any plans to realise a complete version of it either on the internet or DVD?
    It would be great to be able to watch it when we are far away, as it so easily transports us back to our favourite wild place.
    Best regards
    John Davies & family.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your kind words, we do actually have a DVD for sale in the centre, unfortunately due to some technical issues it came much later than we would have liked! If you are interested in purchasing one (£10) Then please let us know and we can post one to you.

      my email: [email protected]

      All the best, Guy

  2. Could you please tell me when the bluebells appear on Dartmoor.
    Thank you

    • Hi Diane,

      Bluebells appear in the woodland of Dartmoor from around a weeks time until mid-end of May. The bluebells on the open moorland are around 2 weeks behind the woodland ones. Unfortunately they are hard to predict without keeping an eye on them.

      I hope you find some :)

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