Birch Heather

A hazy sunset over the patches of heather near Birch Tor

The heather on the moor this year was slow to appear, and yet disappeared very quickly. So a mad rush was on to capture it at it’s peak, which was difficult to do as different parts of the moor bloomed earlier than others leaving us with a wild goose chase on our hands. At every opportunity I ended up somewhere new in the hope of some good light and good heather. I finally found this healthy patch between Birch tor and Challacombe down. I had plenty of time to spare and as the skies seemed clear I decided to take a gamble and shoot a sequence over an hour which I hadn’t done in daylight before. Unfortunately with the warm and calm conditions came midges in their thousands, setting up the camera was an unpleasent experience so once it was up and running I paced up and down only returning to the camera to change exposure every now and then.

I thought the sequence was ruined with cloud forming during the sequence around the sun but watching the sequence back the swirling cloud made a great subject to watch.

With only one tripod I had to rest one end on my camera bag!

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