Stormy Scorhill

A stormy Scohill in mid summer

Our aim of the timelapse is to capture Dartmoor’s climate as well as its landscape. Although many of our shots will be in fine weather we’ve agreed that showing it in its more changeable conditions is paramount to paint a true picture of this land. As photographing rain isn’t what I had in mind I ventured out to Scorhill stone circle during a very changeable summers day in the hope of capturing something different. At first I spent most of my time sheltering from the heavy downpours and … [Read more...]


One of Grimspound's most preserved hut circles

Being one of the most preserved prehistoric sites on Dartmoor, Grimspound was a prime location for some footage. This was to be my second attempt as my previous visit at sunrise a month before just didn’t do the place justice. With summer colours in full swing I decided to wait until I had a typical sunny day with dappled light to really bring the place to life. The trouble with these popular locations however is the amounts of populous that visit! Which makes shooting a timelapse a tricky … [Read more...]