Dartmoor Timelapse DVD

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Unfortunately we are out of stock of the DVDs. If you wish to purchase a copy you can pick them up at the Dartmoor Visitors Centre in Princetown. It's finally arrived! On the DVD you'll find the full feature length film with credits showing each of the 75 sequences used with their respective locations and a slideshow of our best images that we displayed at our exhibition in Princetown. Get your copy of the Dartmoor Timelapse now whilst stocks last! Each DVD is £10 and P+P is … [Read more...]

Dartmoor Timelapse Exhibition

The newly renovated Dartmoor visitor centre in Princetown is now home for our exhibition and film. With over 50 of our best images taken over the past 6 years over Dartmoor on display and plenty of prints for sale and the best part is it's free to enter!   Vimeo link http://vimeo.com/82642494 … [Read more...]

Black-a-Tor Wind

Attempting to capture some of Dartmoor's finest summer views I took off to Black-a-Tor Copse, one of three ancient high altitude woodlands on the moors. My aim for the day was to capture a timelapse sequence of the sunlit woodland in full summer colours. However, one aspect of the weather plays havoc with timelapses, with the wind blowing above 5mph it poses huge issues as the leaves and branches jumping from one frame to the next resulting in juddering footage throughout the sequence. As you … [Read more...]

Birch Heather

A hazy sunset over the patches of heather near Birch Tor

The heather on the moor this year was slow to appear, and yet disappeared very quickly. So a mad rush was on to capture it at it's peak, which was difficult to do as different parts of the moor bloomed earlier than others leaving us with a wild goose chase on our hands. At every opportunity I ended up somewhere new in the hope of some good light and good heather. I finally found this healthy patch between Birch tor and Challacombe down. I had plenty of time to spare and as the skies seemed clear … [Read more...]

The Emerald Wood

What the ancient woodlands have to offer!

For me, capturing the last ancient woodlands on Dartmoor was a must for the film. There are three left on Dartmoor, the popular Wistmans wood, the remote black-a-tor copse and Piles Copse. I grew fond of the lesser known Piles Cospe that lies on the southern moor reached through long windy lanes and a 2 mile trek over farmland. This was to be the third trip I made to this location as the previous attempts where hampered by the weather and lack of planning on my part! So this trip was to redeem … [Read more...]

As we move into October and the peak of the summer colours fade I wait patiently for the onalught of Autumn... and wait and... wait. It seemed this year the seasonal change wasn't going to play ball and in a flash it came and went, yet again we had a wild goose chase on our hands! Each major woodland on Dartmoor seemed to peak at different times which ristricted my movement somewhat, however I took my chances when the weather was right and just made it through with enough footage. From previous …

Sitting at home in Exeter one Sunday afternoon flicking through the met office weather I soon came to the relalisation a sunset was potentially on the cards. Deciding where to go on the other hand is always up for debate Do I go to a location we already have footage of or do I head to somewhere new that I haven't been to before? After a look at the map and a whizz around Google Earth I took off in the car to Yar Tor in hope of capturing some of the heather. I arrived in plenty of time and the …

Stormy Scorhill

A stormy Scohill in mid summer

Our aim of the timelapse is to capture Dartmoor’s climate as well as its landscape. Although many of our shots will be in fine weather we’ve agreed that showing it in its more changeable conditions is paramount to paint a true picture of this land. As photographing rain isn’t what I had in mind I ventured out to Scorhill stone circle during a very changeable summers day in the hope of capturing something different. At first I spent most of my time sheltering from the heavy downpours and … [Read more...]

Widecombe in the moor

Widecombe in the moor is one of the first names visitors associate with Dartmoor and whenever you visit the village you can see why; idyllic cottages, a stunning Gothic church and picture postcard streets, not to mention its location in the heart of the eastern moor. I wanted to make sure I would capture the village within the landscape, I toyed with the idea of shooting in the village and I found a few great compositions but Alex and I agreed this was a ‘landscape’ timelapse first and … [Read more...]


One of Grimspound's most preserved hut circles

Being one of the most preserved prehistoric sites on Dartmoor, Grimspound was a prime location for some footage. This was to be my second attempt as my previous visit at sunrise a month before just didn’t do the place justice. With summer colours in full swing I decided to wait until I had a typical sunny day with dappled light to really bring the place to life. The trouble with these popular locations however is the amounts of populous that visit! Which makes shooting a timelapse a tricky … [Read more...]