Black-a-Tor Wind

Attempting to capture some of Dartmoor's finest summer views I took off to Black-a-Tor Copse, one of three ancient high altitude woodlands on the moors. My aim for the day was to capture a timelapse sequence of the sunlit woodland in full summer colours. However, one aspect of the weather plays havoc with timelapses, with the wind blowing above 5mph it poses huge issues as the leaves and branches jumping from one frame to the next resulting in juddering footage throughout the sequence. As you … [Read more...]

The Emerald Wood

What the ancient woodlands have to offer!

For me, capturing the last ancient woodlands on Dartmoor was a must for the film. There are three left on Dartmoor, the popular Wistmans wood, the remote black-a-tor copse and Piles Copse. I grew fond of the lesser known Piles Cospe that lies on the southern moor reached through long windy lanes and a 2 mile trek over farmland. This was to be the third trip I made to this location as the previous attempts where hampered by the weather and lack of planning on my part! So this trip was to redeem … [Read more...]


Bluebells clinging to a steep slope

During May and into July I made repeated visits to Burrator Woods to photograph the bluebells. Like all the other native flowers the bluebells were late this year by a week or two. When they eventually came into flower at the start of June however, they did not disappoint. In previous years the bluebells have been a bit washed out and thin on the ground. I have watched with amusement as beginner photographers who likely hadn't seen a good covering attempted to recreate the kind of saturation … [Read more...]