Black-a-Tor Wind

Attempting to capture some of Dartmoor’s finest summer views I took off to Black-a-Tor Copse, one of three ancient high altitude woodlands on the moors. My aim for the day was to capture a timelapse sequence of the sunlit woodland in full summer colours. However, one aspect of the weather plays havoc with timelapses, with the wind blowing above 5mph it poses huge issues as the leaves and branches jumping from one frame to the next resulting in juddering footage throughout the sequence. As you can image working on a national park exposed to the elements it’s pretty difficult to find such little wind for an extended period of time. This is an issue that would have never fased me in the past when just capturing stills and is another lesson well learnt. Nevertheless I was able to capture a couple of stills during the day’s trip and one or two other sequences that may make it into the final film.

Here’s an example of how little wind can spoil a sequence with the light jumping around the frame.

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