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Primroses on the Colly Brook. Over the years I have got to know the best spots, but this was a new one.

Colly Brook Primroses

One of the seasonal cues for spring are the flowers that appear on Dartmoor. The best flowers to photograph are the primroses, that come out in late march, and the bluebells which come out in late may. In the past I have photographed the Primroses along a nearby stream (the Colly Brook) many times [...]

Bluebells clinging to a steep slope


During May and into July I made repeated visits to Burrator Woods to photograph the bluebells. Like all the other native flowers the bluebells were late this year by a week or two. When they eventually came into flower at the start of June however, they did not disappoint. In previous years the bluebells have [...]


Black Tor Sunset

I’d planned to spend the evening shooting bluebells. One of the problems with being in woodland is that you cant see what the sky is doing and when I walked briefly out of the wood and saw the sky I made an immediate decision to change plans. Running back to the car with the [...]

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Unfortunately we are out of stock of the DVDs. If you wish to purchase a copy you can pick them up at the Dartmoor Visitors Centre in Princetown. It’s finally arrived! On the DVD you’ll find the full feature length film with credits showing each of the 75 sequences used with their respective locations and [...]

Dartmoor timelapse exhibition_02

Dartmoor Timelapse Exhibition

The newly renovated Dartmoor visitor centre in Princetown is now home for our exhibition and film. With over 50 of our best images taken over the past 6 years over Dartmoor on display and plenty of prints for sale and the best part is it’s free to enter! Vimeo link


Black-a-Tor Wind

Attempting to capture some of Dartmoor’s finest summer views I took off to Black-a-Tor Copse, one of three ancient high altitude woodlands on the moors. My aim for the day was to capture a timelapse sequence of the sunlit woodland in full summer colours. However, one aspect of the weather plays havoc with timelapses, with [...]

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